Last Minute Halloween For Less

Hello Halloween Friends!

So if you are super unorganised for Halloween, like me, I am going to show you what I am doing to get myself ready for a party TONIGHT!

Yesterday I went to Spotlight to buy a costume only to find EVERYTHING good was sold out and the only things left were in sizes way too large for me. After digging through I got lucky and found a Nurse costume that was close enough to my size.
Since it was so last minute it only cost me $22! Down from around $60. Which is great because my funds are very low at the moment!

I then created my make up look very easily using make up I already had at home.
Finally being pale comes in useful!

Undead Makeup

Undead Makeup

I used all Drugstore make-up, mostly just Maybelline and Revlon. I used the whitest shade of liquid and powder Foundation I had. Then I used black and brown Eyeshadow for everything else as well as a red lipliner to add a bit of colour and detail around my eyes, nose and lips. I wet my eyebrow brush and used that with a black eyeshadow to create the mouth stitches. This look actually looks way more dramatic in low lighting, my room was very bright in these pictures.

Undead Makeup

For my costume I decided to dye it using old tea I had at home. I just found the dress way to stark white and boring otherwise. I am currently soaking it in with some old Chai Tea bags as well as some Dilmah Extra Strong Tea for a bit darker of a colour in patches. I am finding it really hard to dye since it is 100% Polyester, but it is still going okay.


Tea Dying

I am also rubbling to Tea Leaves into the fabric to try make it hold. I find it adds a bit of dimension to the garment too by making some places darker and the little Tea Leaves dotting areas. I also made sure I crinkled and wrinkled up the fabric while rubbing the tea on to it to make it look less purposeful and more scattered.

Tea Dying

Rub tea leaves into the garment for darker colour

The Tea had a really hard time sticking to the 100% Polyester, this method definitely works better with cotton items! I guess I will shake off the little Tea leaves when it dries hehe.


Okay so that is pretty much everything! Very easy and very affordable!

Will keep you updated with the final look!

Happy Halloween! 

Cassie xox

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