Propagating Succulents From Leaves

This is a great way to have an amazing little indoor garden of succulents, almost for free! Propagating is an easy way to turn one plant, into 100 hundred! Succulents are such a simple way to decorate your home. They add a simple freshness, colour and minimalistic elegance to your home or bedroom. They are even great for livening up your desk in the office, or your study area at home!

I decided to propagate my succulents instead of spending money every time I wanted more. It was so easy and they are so cute! This is the first time I have ever tried and I really did not expect it to be so easy. This was what I did.

Step One: Gathering Your Leaves
Carefully pull leaves off from the bottom half of your succulent. Be very careful because if they aren’t pulled of right at the stem they won’t work. If they are difficult to pull, wiggle them gently from side to side till you hear them snap.
Most local markets will sell cheap succulents ranging from $2 to $5 for medium sized. I have brought mine from both markets & little Nurseries. 

Step Two: Letting Them Dry Out
You need to let the ends of the leaves dry out and callous over before you can plant them. Leave them about 1-3 days. I am not entirely sure how long I left mine, just keep an eye on them really.

Step Three: Planting The Leaves
Fill a small flat container with soil. I used an old Chinese take-away container. Most people recommend Succulent Mix for the soil, but I just used Soil I got from the Reject Shop and it only cost me $3 for 1KG! Place your leaves out in rows on top of the soil. From here your leaves will start to bud and the white and bright pink roots will grow down into the soil. {I just let my leaves dry out on top of the dry soil for step 2}

Propagating Succulents from leaves

Step Four: Watering
For this stage I use a spray bottle and spray the leaves every day. Be careful not to over water or the leaves will rot. I also like to keep them in filtered sunlight rather than full sunlight during this time.

Step Five: Waiting
You should start to see some tiny growth within a few weeks to a month. The leaf you used to Propagate your new succulent will eventually die. I don’t like to rip it off incase it rips of the attached roots.

Propagating Succulents from Leaves

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Step Six: Decorating
Once your Propagated are big enough you can move them into their own pots, make a mini succulent garden or terrarium. So many possibilities because from those new succulents, you can then gather their leaves and make more! You could fill your house!

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Have fun getting on the Succulent trend for Less!

Cassie xox