Green Detox Juice

Hi All,

It’s Spring in Australia and it is already HOT!!
So, I have a really yummy, refreshing, healthy and delicious juice to share with you all.
Yes it is all those three things!

Cucumber & Coriander Juice

❉ Cucumber
❉ Micro Coriander {Normal is fine as well}
❉ Lemon
❉ Green Apple

Using a juicer juice half a Cucumber, one whole Green Apple and one peeled Lemon.
I then like to blend all these ingredients together with about half a scoop of ice and some Micro Coriander leaves in a blender. Once blended pour into a jar, add some ice cubes and voilå!

This is so delicious and so easy. Micro herbs are also great to grow for your kitchen as they are small and full of flavour, and lets not forget super cute and great for apartment life!

Cucumber is so good for you as well, it contains a heap of Vitamin B’s including Vitamin B1, B5 and B7 {great for hair & nails}. B vitamins help ease the feelings of anxiety and help with stress! Which is great for if you are a stress head like me!
Cucumber is also rich in the most basic elements needed for healthy digestion: Fibre and Water!

Consuming Coriander is proven to be one of the most effective methods to remove heavy metals such as; Mercury, Lead and Cadmium from the body. Coriander is also an Antiseptic that will help with Mouth Ulcers {A stress issue for me} and to freshen your breath!

P.S Blenders & Juices are so so cheap to buy and well worth the investment!


Cassie xox